Global Climate Action Summit

MC-4, the LMU Environmental Program, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), and the LA Regional Collaborative presented "Joined-up Urban Climate and Health Governance: Best Practices in Mediterranean-Climate Cities," an affiliate event of the Global Climate Action Summit, which took place on September 11th, 2018.

Information for 9.11 event


Mediterranean climate cities have the potential to substantially contribute to climate mitigation, adaptation, low carbon sustainable development while promoting health. Cities are increasingly collaborating with companies, civil society and the academia in joined-up urban governance efforts to address complex urban challenges, including the necessary transition to low-carbon cities. The MC-4 has launched a research initiative on joined-up urban climate and health governance in Mediterranean cities. Cross-cutting issues explored include reduction of urban heat, clean/active transport, sustainable procurement, water conservation and coastal resilience among other.

Scope and Purpose

This affiliated event will offer a forum to

  • Improve understanding of the co-benefits of joined-up Urban Climate and Health Governance for low-carbon city development and transformation in Mediterranean cities and regions

  • Showcase best practices of joined up Urban Climate and Health Governance in Mediterranean Climate Cities and regions including California.

  • Explore collaboration pathways to support Mediterranean and other cities to strengthen climate and health policies and to facilitate collaboration among key stakeholders to reach common goals.

Panel of Speakers

  • Dr. Cristina Tirado (MC-4, CURes, LMU) - introduction to the objectives of the event and launch of the Joined-up Urban Climate & Health Governance Research Initiative in Mediterranean climate cities
  • Dr. Maria Neira (WHO Director of Environment and Health) - WHO Climate Change and Urban Health agendas
  • Beatriz Jordi (European Commission, Director of International Carbon Markets, EC DG CLIMA) - climate governance strategies in Mediterranean Cities in Europe and links to health
  • San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) - Vision Zero - co-benefits of active transportation in SFO
  • LA Regional Collaborative - LA regional sustainability plan and links to health