Map of the LA River Watershed (Council for Watershed Health)

The aim of the LA River STEW-MAP is to produce a publicly available, online stewardship database and map of groups and organizations in the Los Angeles River watershed at work to conserve, manage, monitor, transform, advocate for, and/or educate the public about their local environments. This can help potential volunteers, public agencies, funders, and others find stewardship organizations throughout the LA River watershed. STEW-MAP can also show where there are gaps and concentrations of stewardship. LA River STEW-MAP follows a similar study from 2014-2015 that encompassed all of Los Angeles County.


Cleaning the LA River. (Friends of the Los Angeles River (FOLAR))

The LA River STEW-MAP was launched in 2019 by CURES, with the support of a cross-deputy collaborative of the US Forest Service and the Urban Waters Federal Partnership. The project is projected to be complete in Summer 2021.

The survey was distributed to 582 organizations in 2019.  We received 96 complete responses (16% response rate). The survey collected data regarding organization characteristics, stewardship locations, and network relations.

Please visit our LA River STEW-MAP Story Map to learn about the preliminary results of the project