Human-Animal Bond

In partnership with the Wallis Annenberg PetSpace in Playa Vista, CURes is developing formal and informal educational materials on the importance of the human-animal bond. Dr. Eric Strauss (CURes Executive Director) is one of 15 Wallis Annenberg Leadership Institute Fellows, who are working in a cross-disciplinary capacity to research and better understand the relationship humans form with animals, particularly pets. Dr. Strauss led an editorial team to publish a special issue in Frontiers in Veterinary Science: “Our Canine Connection: The History, Benefits and Future of Human-Dog Interactions.

As part of this collaboration, CURes also conducted a multi-year study and mapping application to assess the animal services organizations of great Los Angeles County. Over 600 organizations—including shelters, foster organizations, veterinarians, and more—were inventoried throughout LA County. A survey of organizations yielded 125 responses, which are being used as the foundation of an interactive, searchable public mapping tool.