Note Takers

A DSS Note Taker is a paid, non-work study, position. It is filled by a student who is enrolled in a course in which a student registered with the DSS Office requires notes. These notes are vital in providing equal access to the classroom environment. Neither the student registered with DSS nor the note taker know the other's identity. Notes are uploaded/downloaded online.

What are the position requirements and expectations?

Note takers are aware of the importance of this service and understand that their notes will be provided to a student registered with the DSS Office. By accepting the position, note takers agree to the following terms of service.

  • Submit typed notes (unless exception has been pre-approved by DSS) that are clear and easy to read.
  • Submit notes in either MS Word or PDF format.
  • Submit weekly notes in a timely manner, preferably after the last class meeting of the week. Notes are uploaded to the DSS Online Services website. If there are no notes for a particular week, the note taker must email the DSS Office ( informing us as to why there are no notes.
  • Include the class and section number (i.e., PHYS 201-01) on the top of the notes as well as the date to which the notes pertain.
  • Obtain notes from a classmate and submit them online should the note taker miss class for any reason.
  • Upload any pertinent notes at least 24 hours prior to an exam.
  • Promptly respond to any calls and/or emails from the DSS Office. If there are any changes to a note taker's phone number or email address, they must notify the DSS Office within 24 hours.
  • Be open to accepting feedback from the DSS staff regarding effective note taking.
  • Notify DSS with 24 hours of dropping the class in which they have been hired as a note taker.
  • Agree to have DSS notify their professor that they have been hired for the position. If there is ever any concern regarding the quality of notes, DSS will share a sample with the professor for their feedback.