Uploading Notes

Note takers are to upload their notes on a weekly basis to the DSS Online Services website. The day and time in which students are to submit their notes is determined by the last class meeting of the week. Note takers should contact DSS if they wish arrange an alternate date/time to submit notes.

It is preferred that the notes are typed so that they are accessible to all students, however, exceptions may be made by the DSS Office. To submit hand written notes, note takers will need to first provide DSS with a writing sample to ensure that their notes will be accessible and that the print is legible. If approved to submit handwritten notes, the DSS Office last a list of scanning apps which may be helpful for uploading your notes. To request a copy of this list, please contact the DSS Office. Please note, when scanning notes, it is advised that the resolution be between 150-300 dpi.

The DSS Online Services website has a size limit of 20MB for uploaded files. Due to this, it is advised that note takers upload MS Word or PDF files. 

Students selected as note takers will need to follow the steps outlined below in order to submit their notes.

  1. Go to the DSS Online Services website.
  2. Click Sign In and use your MyLMU credentials to access the site.
  3. Click on the Notetaker tab on the top navigation bar.
  4. Scroll down the page to where it says File Information. 
    1. Use the Select Class drop down menu to pick the class for which you are uploading notes (if you are assigned as a note taker is several class, please be careful to select the correct class).
    2. Use the Notes for drop down menu to select the week in which the notes were taken.
    3. In the Select Day(s) box, check the days of the week in which your notes reflect.
    4. Select Browse to find your file for upload.
    5. Click on Upload Notes. You will see a green check mark at the top of your page if the upload was successful.
  5. Be sure to Sign Out when you are done.

If you are experiencing difficulty uploading your notes, please contact the DSS Office.