Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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Explore online blockchain courses now offered by LMU Extension powered by EmergingEd.

Loyola Marymount University Extension is proud to offer high-impact continuing education online courses. Delivered through EmergingEd, these courses are taught by industry-leading experts and delivered through a dynamic and engaging platform to facilitate quick uptake of new skills and provides downloadable, high-impact resources that learners can immediately use on the job.

Explore the online blockchain courses at the forefront of the professional world today, now offered by Loyola Marymount University Extension powered by EmergingEd.


  • Blockchain Foundations and Frameworks
    Blockchain Foundations and Frameworks covers positive and negative aspects of blockchains, as well as blockchain applications that could make a difference in your organization. When you learn blockchain through this foundational course, you will explore the origins and implications of Bitcoin; assess and distinguish cryptocurrency issues relevant to investors, consumers, developers and businesses; and analyze security risks your business may face as you integrate blockchain into your operations.

  • Blockchain and Industry
    Blockchain and Industry is designed to help you determine the applicability of blockchain technologies within your organization and apply them to support your business and solve complex problems. You will learn to differentiate between blockchain-based business models so that you choose the correct strategy for your organization. You will develop and practice step-by-step processes for creating a blockchain framework within your current company or launching a new blockchain organization.

  • Blockchain Cases
    Blockchain Cases teaches you everything you need to know about public and private blockchains, providing industry insights through the examination of four cases. This course empowers you to confidently participate in industry-based events and situations; evaluate the major trends and technologies currently used in blockchain initiatives; and apply lessons learned from notable organizations to successfully execute a blockchain initiative.