Theological Studies


Degree Completion Program

Aware of the importance of a college education for those working in the Church, the Diocese of San Bernardino called upon Loyola Marymount University to develop a degree completion program in Theological Studies for working adults. The Center is pleased to announce that this program will begin in January 2018. Learn more » 

Continuing Education

The Department of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount Univeristy offers graduate degree coursework on a variety of topics including biblical, historical, systematic, moral and comparative theology, and pastoral ministry with special emphasis on the Roman Catholic tradition.

Each semester, some of these courses are open to the general public through the Center. Students auditing (referred to as “auditors”) have the opportunity to observe and participate in a graduate level theology course for a fraction of the normal tuition.  Auditors are expected to attend courses they enroll in and are required to actively participate in seminar (non-lecture) classes.  As no grade or course credit is awarded, auditors are not required to complete the course assignments as set by the instructor.

Prospective auditors are required, however, to submit an application to audit before they can be permitted to enroll in any course marked with an asterisk (*). If your application is accepted by the course instructor, you will be contacted by LMU Extension and enrolled in the course.  Please complete and submit the application below.