Yoga Philosophy

Ayurveda Self Care

Ayurveda, considered one of the world’s first comprehensive medical sciences, offers a developed and comprehensive philosophical construct that defines the fundamental energetic nature of humans, and our interaction with our environment. This 100-hour professional development program (offered in two 50-hour courses) will cover the basics of Ayurveda, including systems of the body, lifestyle practices, the subtle energetic body, deeper and psychospiritual applications, and explorations of further study. Students have the option of completing their elective course requirement (5.0 semester hours) with Ayurveda Self Care I as a focus in the Yoga Philosophy professional certificate program.

For Yoga Therapists. Successful completion of both courses, Ayurveda Self Care I and II, fulfills the Ayurveda study requirements for the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) 1,000-hour certification.

Who Should Participate

The Ayurveda Self Care courses are appropriate for yoga students, yoga teachers, yoga therapists who want to develop an understanding of Ayurvedic principles and philosophy and how to integrate practices that support yoga, wellness and balance into their daily lives. These courses will provide a comprehensive introduction for beginners, demystify the concepts, show students how to integrate Ayurvedic principles into a modern life, and provide an in-depth understanding of practices for people who wish to develop a deeper connection with Ayurveda.  

Program Benefits

Both Yoga and Ayurveda share a common view of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies; they have a common textual tradition, and offer overlapping teachings on how to benefit from the practices. As the often-described sister science of Yoga, Ayurveda (the science of life) provides the theoretical framework for how to apply the principles of energetic balance to yoga. Studying Ayurveda allows students to develop a more comprehensive understanding of yoga and the Vedic traditions.

Ayurveda and Self-Care will also provide students a set of practical tools to enhance their own well-being, prevent burn-out, reduce the ill effects of stress, and increase their capacity for practice. Ayurvedic study offers an explanation of the underpinnings and reasons behind the practices and how they have their effects on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

General Information

Course requirements, schedules and tuition are subject to change; and additional fees may be incurred for books and materials. Click here to review all policies prior to enrollment. For additional information, contact the Center for Religion and Spirituality at (310) 338-2799 or, or contact the instructors directly (listed below under 'Faculty').

  • Registration + Fees

    Begins: (Ayurveda Self Care II) March 17, 2018 | REGISTER

    Course No.: YGPX 894.03, YPGX 894.04

    Tuition: $975 per course

  • Schedule

    Ayurveda Self Care I (YGPX 894.03) begins in the Fall term, followed by Ayurveda Self Care II (YGPX 894.04) in the Spring term. Both courses meet 1-6 p.m. on the following weekends:

    Ayurveda Self Care I

    • October 28-29, 2017
    • November 11-12
    • December 9-10
    • January 20-21, 2018
    • February 24-25

    Ayurveda Self Care II

    • March 17-18, 2018
    • April 21-22
    • June 2-3
    • June 30-July 1
    • July 21-22

    LMU Westchester Campus
    1 LMU Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90045

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