LMU Graduate Student Transfer

LMU Extension has an articulation agreement with the LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts that allows the transfer of 195-hours of coursework from the Master of Arts in Yoga Studies program, including the Post-Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy. Students enrolled in the M.A. Program working towards C-IAYT may count some of their graduate coursework towards the Yoga Therapy Program.

Based on an assessment of the competencies covered in the graduate program, graduate students must complete the following courses with a grade of “B” or higher to transfer:

  • YGST 6010: Health Science and Yoga
  • YGST 6020: Yoga Philosophy
  • YGST 7010: Health Science and Yoga II
  • YGST 7015: Yoga Therapy Applications
  • YGST 7020: Yoga Therapy Practicum


Because of a more rigorous application process to the graduate program in the LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, applying to the Yoga Therapy Program is a different process. Graduate students will need to submit the following in order to apply and transfer:

  • Signed letter of approval by the Graduate Director
  • Completion of the prerequisites for standard admission

Required Coursework

Upon completion of the graduate coursework above and transfer to the Yoga Therapy Program, graduate students will need to complete the following courses to be eligible for the C-IAYT.

  • YRTX 811: Yoga Therapy Rx I
  • YRTX 830: Yoga Therapy Rx III
  • YRTX 845: Yoga Therapy Practicum Preparation
  • YRTX 850: Yoga Therapy Practicum Delivery

Graduate students should consult their faculty advisor in the graduate program as to the timeline for completion.