Prospective students interested in any of the certificate programs or working towards IAYT certification are required to file an application for admission to the Yoga Therapy Program. Accepted students will be required to attend all classes, complete homework assignments, and achieve passing grades on all exams. Any exceptions, such as make-up hours or exams, are at the discretion of the instructors and Extension administration.


Applicants are required to have completed the following:

  1. A 200-hour Yoga teacher training, or its equivalent in seminars, workshops, private or supervised group classes
  2. At least one year of yoga practice
  3. At least one year of yoga teaching*

*We realize not all applicants will have completed this prerequisite by the time of admission.  As such, admitted students will be allowed to complete the teaching requirement during their first year in the program (which is permissible under IAYT guidelines).

Application Requirements

Please read this section carefully. After entering your personal information below, attach and submit the documentation outlined below. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Files must be attached electronically as '.pdf' or 'jpg' only. No other formats will be accepted.

  1. Two (2) signed letters of recommendation from each of the following: (a) a yoga teacher (who can speak to your practice and/or teaching work), and (b) a personal contact
  2. A transcript or similar documentation which demonstrates successful completion of the prerequisite teacher training (above)
  3. One (1) page personal statement (12 point font, single spaced) explaining your background, reasons for enrolling in this program and subsequent goals upon completion

The application period for the 2019-2020 program is open. Application deadline is Friday, September 13, 2019. Please forward any questions about the application process to