About the Institute

Established in 1953, the Martin Gang Institute for Intergroup Relations is dedicated to the promotion of understanding between religious and ethnic communities in Southern California. Jointly administered by AJC Los Angeles and LMU Extension, the focus of the Institute is to provide research and educational opportunities in intergroup relations for lay and ordained leaders, educators, social workers, civic officials and other interested stakeholders.

Executive Committee

The Institute is administered by an executive committee, which manages its budget, operations, and approves all sponsored projects, research and other programs.

Robert A. Hurteau, Ph.D.
Interim Senior Director
LMU Extension

Dan Schnur
AJC Los Angeles

Michael McNaught
Assistant Director
Center for Religion and Spirituality

Saba Soomekh, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Interreligious and Intercommunity Affairs
AJC Los Angeles


Questions about the Institute can be directed to LMU Extension at (310) 338-1971 or via email at extension@lmu.edu. You can also contact one of the executive committee members directly (below).