Thomas P. Pike Alcohol Studies Scholarship

An endowment gifted by Thomas and Katherine Pike, the Thomas P. Pike Alcohol Studies Scholarship is a need-based fund available to qualified candidates in the Alcohol and Drug Counseling certificate program offered through LMU Extension.

Those who qualify for financial assistance are eligible to receive a one-time award up to 50% of the tuition. The amount awarded depends on the number of applicants seeking assistance, the financial need of the student, and how much money is available in the fund at the time of the application.  Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that everyone who applies for assistance will receive an award. 

Grade Requirement. Students who are awarded tuition assistance through the Thomas P. Pike Alcohol Studies Scholarship must maintain a grade of B- or higher on each module for continued assistance.  

Application. Applicants must submit a Tuition Assistance Application. A completed application must include the requested financial information, a personal statement, and course registration with a deposit fee of 50% of the tuition fee. Only completed applications will be considered.

Application Deadlines. The application must be received 30 days before the program begins.