Human Resources Management

Certificate in Advanced Human Resources Management

Human Resources professionals have significant responsibility to both employees and management. To help the organization thrive, it is important for HR practitioners to have a deep understanding of advanced human resources principles. The Advanced Human Resources Management professional certificate program is tailored to current HR managers interested in advancing their knowledge in key areas of Human Relations. These advanced courses are open to those who have already completed the Human Resources Management program with LMU Extension.

Program Benefits

Whereas the Human Relations Management program offers a general overview of the profession, students enrolled in the advanced program have the opportunity to delve deeper in to specific HR topics, such as Legal Issues, Strategic Management, Recruitment, Hiring and Performance, Labor Relations, Compensation and Benefits. Each course is regularly updated as laws and labor practices are revised.

By selecting which courses they wish to complete in fulfillment of this program, students have to opportunity of tailoring their studies to their particular field or interest.

General Information

Course and program requirements, schedules and tuition are subject to change; and additional fees may be incurred for books and materials. Click here to review all policies prior to enrollment. For additional information, contact LMU Extension at (310) 338-1971 or

  • Registration + Fees

    Enrollment for the Spring 2018 semester is now open.   During the Spring 2018 semester, the Advanced Human Resources course is: Recruiting, Interviewing & Selection.  You may enroll into the course by going to:  Course starts on Thursday, 3/15/17, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

    Courses are offered in the Fall and Spring Extension terms, and prospective students may enroll and begin this program at any time. Students register for each course individually via the online course catalog. Not all courses are offered each term. Please review the course requirements below for the certificate program.

    Tuition: Each of the Advanced Human Resources Certificate courses is approximately, $469.  To obtain the Advanced Human Resources Management Certificate you must successfully complete the 12-week HRM Certificate course plus three Advanced Human Resources Management Certificate courses. (Tuition is an estimate only, based on current 2016-2017 tuition rates)
    Prerequisite: Certificate of Completion in Human Resources Management (INRX 800)

  • Schedule

    Courses required for this program are offered during the Fall and Spring Extension terms. Schedules vary for individual courses. Please consult the course catalog for individual course times, locations, and requirements.

    LMU Westchester Campus
    1 LMU Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90045

  • Faculty
  • Program Requirements

    Students must complete a total of 6.0 semester hours in coursework with a letter grade of 'B-' or higher in each course to receive a certificate of completion. Please refer to the course catalog for required text, class meeting location, and other general information.

    Coursework: Three of any courses classified INRX 801-841 (each course is 2.0 semester hours)

  • Course Descriptions

    INRX 801
    Legal Issues in Human Resources
    2.0 Semester Hours

    This course focuses on current important statutes, court cases and basic legal principles directly relating to Human Resources management, such as workplace privacy issues, recent federal and California employment discrimination rulings, exempt/non-exempt overtime rules, and workplace harassment. Prerequisite: Human Resources Management

    INRX 802
    Strategic Human Resources Management
    2.0 Semester Hours

    The course provides insights into a wide range of practical management subjects, and examines the evolution of Human Resources management, and its important role in today’s organizations. Topics include Human Resources management roles and authority, key HRM functions and successful management concepts, planning processes, profession software and applications, best practices and strategic decision-making. Prerequisite: Human Resources Management, and Performance Management

    INRX 803
    Recruiting, Interviewing, and Selection
    2.0 Semester Hours

    This course explores recruitment and interviewing techniques, as well as budgeting job description writing, applicant assessment, background investigations, selection methods and physical exams, legislative mandates, diversity and discrimination issues, orienting new employee, retention techniques and other essentials. Prerequisite: Human Resources Management

    INRX 804
    Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
    2.0 Semester Hours

    This course explores the history of labor unions and the collective bargaining process. Students will study the National Labor Relations Act, employer and employee unfair labor practices, union-free environments, California unions, dispute settlements and arbitration provisions, and the right to work statutes. Prerequisite: Human Resources Management

    INRX 805
    Employee Relations
    2.0 Semester Hours

    In this course, students will learn how to implement key employee relations programs and policies that support employee development and minimize liability. This course will provide students practical skills for developing onboarding programs, grievance procedures, and employee recognition programs. This course will also cover how to conduct a workplace investigation, document disciplinary action, manage the termination process, and perform an HR audit. Prerequisite: Human Resources Management

    INRX 807
    Employee Benefits
    2.0 Semester Hours

    This course will look at today's environment and study design strategies covering health care and other workforce benefits, including mandated benefits, time off, plans funded under insurance contracts, non-performance awards, retirement plans, and discretionary employee services. Prerequisite: Human Resources Management

    INRX 813
    Compensation Management
    2.0 Semester Hours

    This course covers total compensation and cash compensation management. Topics include job analysis and job descriptions, incentive pay plans, executive compensation, salary surveys, and rewards and recognition programs. Prerequisite: Human Resources Management

    INRX 840
    Leave and Termination Management
    2.0 Semester Hours

    This course examines best practices for coordination of job protection statutes with employer leave policies, including the Family and Medical Leave Act, California Family Rights Act, Workers’ Compensation. We will also review high-risk terminations and how to avoid related lawsuits. Prerequisite: Human Resources Management

    INRX 841
    Performance Management
    2.0 Semester Hours

    This course explores all aspects of performance management and principles, rewards and recognition programs, career planning, training and development, effective performance appraisal systems and proper feedback techniques, and how to avoid evaluator bias. Prerequisite: Human Resources Management