Pastoral Liturgy

"The Pastoral Liturgy class reminds us that there is an immense richness in the celebration of the Holy Mass, although we may forget, at times, to fully appreciate the great mystery at the center of this celebration. It is important that we continue to expand our knowledge of our liturgical tradition, so that we may live more fully."

 —T. Lefranc, St. Norbert Church, Orange

Liturgy comes from the Greek word leitourgia meaning "the work of the people;" and it is quite literally the work of many people, those at the altar and those in the assembly, that make the Catholic rites of worship such rich reflections of the Church as community.  Shaping those rites, so that they accurately and authentically reflect the local and global church, falls on the shoulders of professional liturgists and pastoral ministers, both lay and ordained.

The Pastoral Liturgy professional certificate programs are suitable for those who have a professional or personal investment in liturgical ministry, as well as those simply interested in learning more about liturgical life within the Church. As many of us are at different stages of knowledge and experience, there are three certificate programs available (click on links below for more information):

  • Pastoral Liturgy

    Begins January 2018 | The basic program is open to any and all liturgical ministers, as well as those simply interested in learning about the rich theology and practice and history of the Roman Catholic liturgical tradition. Prior theological background or work in ministry is not required. Learn more »

  • Pastoral Music

    The pastoral music program is open to those who have a professional or personal investment in music ministry, as well as those interested in learning more about liturgical music within the Church: cantors, music directors, ensemble directors, instrumentalists and choir members. Learn more »

  • Advanced Pastoral Liturgy

    Those who have prior liturgical experience may elect to further their studies in the advanced program. Prospective students must be have successfully completed the basic certificate offered by LMU Extension, or have completed a baccalaureate or postbaccalaureate degree in liturgical studies. Learn more »

  • Theological Foundations for Liturgical Ministry

    This course explores the fundamentals of liturgy to equip Church ministers with the theological tools for exercising pastoral ministry. Students will learn the fundamentals of liturgy through by examining the core elements of liturgy. Learn more »