Tuition Assistance

LMU Extension is committed to making continuing education affordable. Thanks to the generosity of the University, our benefactors, religious communities and the community, we have scholarship and tuition assistance opportunities available to the general public for selected programs. Please note that Federal and University Financial Aid are not available for continuing education and non-degree programs. 

Government Assistance

 Workforce Development Act
 (WIA) Grant
 The California Intrastate Training Resources and Information Network
 (I-Train) will grant tuition assistance funded by the Workforce Investment
 Act (WIA) for selected programs.
 Federal Student Aid (FASFA)  Students enrolling in professional certificate programs do not qualify to
 receive Federal Student Aid.

Need-based Tuition Assistance

LMU Extension is occasionally gifted funds for partial, need-based tuition assistance. Those seeking such assistance will need to submit a Tuition Assistance Application. Please contact Pat Ranftl, LMU Extension Academic Services, at to request an application. Only completed applications will be considered. 


A scholarship is an award of tuition assistance for specific professional certificate programs. Due to the generosity of University benefactors, LMU Extension is able award several partial merit and need-based scholarships to qualified students annually. 

 Martin Gang Scholarship
 A merit-based scholarship for qualified applicants enrolling in the African
 American Ministry, Cultural Orientation Program for International Ministers,
 and Pastoral Studies in Spanish professional certificate programs.
 Thomas P. Pike Scholarship  A need-based scholarship for qualified applications enrolling in the Alcohol
 and Drug Counseling professional certificate program. 
 Payne-Chapple Scholarship  A need-based scholarship for qualified applicants enrolling in the Advanced
 Yoga Therapy (level 2) and Clinical Yoga Therapy (level 3) professional
 certificate programs. 

Third Party Sponsorship

Many companies, professional organizations offer their own tuition assistance for employees enrolling in professional and continuing education programs.   Some individuals have insurance policies which will pay for retraining.  Sometimes friends and family members may wish to setup a gift account in a student's name to help defray the cost of tuition.  To obtain information and/or make arrangements to have your tuition paid by a third party, be sure to contact LMU Extension prior to enrollment.        

  LMU Match
 Those enrolling in select Ministry Studies professional certificate programs
 are eligible to receive a partial match of tuition assistance from the Center
 for Religion and Spirituality when sponsored by a parish, institution or other
 interested party.