Veterans + Service Providers Workshop

"Women Veterans: Impact and Empowerment"
Spring 2019 Veterans and Service Providers Workshop
Saturday, April 27, 2019
Highlights of "Veteran's Mental Health: Accessing Care, Engaging in Treatment, and Healing" (June 2017)

Los Angeles has the largest veteran population in the country. 20% of that population suffer from PTSD or some form of traumatic brain injury. Another 40% struggle with one or more mental health issues. The biannual Veterans and Service Providers Workshop address the needs of our veterans, mental health professionals, and other service providers serving returning military personnel.

Facilitated by Instructor Mark Mitchell, each workshop features local experts with short presentations and opportunities for discussion on topics of high importance to veterans and those in service to them.

Past Topics

  • A Soldier's Heart:  Grief and Moral Repair
  • Veterans' Wellness: What Works? Resiliency, Hardiness, Thriving
  • Veteran's Mental Health: Accessing Care, Engaging in Treatment, and Healing
  • Healing Veterans With Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Veterans and Addiction: What Can We Do?
  • Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, and Healing
  • Moral Injury: Warriors, Families and Community
  • Healing the Soul: Veterans and Their Families
  • Post Traumatic Growth: Advances in PTSD and Moral Injury Healing

For more information, please contact Ms. Fay Craton at (310) 338-2812 or email