About LMU Extension

A great LMU education isn't reserved for undergraduate and graduate degree students. All members of the public are welcome!

As the world grows around us, becoming increasingly complex and interconnected, we must continue to grow as well. But, where many people and institutions only see obstacles, we at LMU Extension see opportunities to engage issues of critical importance, inspire new ways of thinking, and advance society as a whole.

So, how can you benefit from a constantly changing world? By continuing your education at an institution committed to helping shape society, rather than just studying it.

Utilizing both in-class and online platforms, LMU Extension offers transformative learning opportunities by means of professional certificate programs, coursework and special events in business and nonprofit development, counseling, education, ministry, the arts and humanities, and other fields of study that support the academic and professional goals of nontraditional students and lifelong learners.

In keeping with the mission of the University, LMU Extension remains committed to the examination of ethical values and inspiring learners to serve society by applying their expertise and talent for the benefit of not only themselves, but their community.

Experience the Jesuit and Marymount Difference

Since the opening of the first schools hundreds of years ago, both Jesuit and Marymount education has been successful because of its shared commitment to academic excellence, social justice, and its adaptability to the environment of the learner. Our continuing education programs offer learners opportunities for the development of their imagination, conscience and intellect, whether it is on the campus, in the community, or online.

Continue your Education and Professional Development

At LMU Extension, continuing education is directly engaged with the lived experience of the local and global community. Our professional certificate programs and specialized courses of study balance traditional academic study with necessary practical training. Recognizing that jobs and education are inextricably linked, each program is uniquely tailored to enable learners to update their skills and knowledge, advance their careers, or assist with a desired change in profession or vocation. Public workshops, seminars and lectures are offered throughout the year.

Benefit from our Commitment to Excellence and Accessibility

Core to its vision, LMU Extension believes that valuable continuing and professional education should be accessible to anyone, regardless of distance and economic challenges. By utilizing new technologies and building relationships with local stakeholders, LMU Extension is positioned to offer programs of learning that are accessible – online or in the community – and affordable. In some cases, LMU Extension is able to award partial merit and need-based scholarships to qualified students.