Community We Serve

LMU Faculty & Staff

Grant Evaluation and Statistical Support offers LMU faculty and staff two complimentary consultations per academic semester. During the initial consultation, GESS will assess the client’s work to determine if it is feasible to complete within the complimentary time. If it determined that the time to complete the work exceeds that, then GESS will provide the client with a fee-for-service contract agreement and quote. The contract agreement will outline the project, assignment or task that is needed to complete the deliverable(s), outcome(s), and deadline(s) requested by the client. The quote will reflect the estimated number of hours needed to complete the work, rate per hour, and total dollar amount to complete the work.

Non-LMU Personnel

Grant Evaluation and Statistical Support encourages collaboration with external partners by extending consulting services to clients outside of LMU. Two complimentary consultations are offered to external clients, as are the full suite of services made available to LMU faculty and staff. For work that exceeds the complimentary time, clients will be provided with a contract agreement and quote.