Honors Core

Part of your LMU education takes place in what is called the “core curriculum”—a set of courses that introduce you to a breadth of topics, teach skills and abilities, and connect themes from different disciplines to answer life’s big questions. Honors students take a different set of core courses from the general LMU core, with about half of these courses in Honors-dedicated sections. Honors core courses are seminars taught by LMU’s most talented and innovative faculty, emphasize active student engagement, and are taken exclusively with other Honors students. Our classes are generally capped at 15 students, giving you a chance to investigate course topics more deeply and connect with faculty and fellow students more meaningfully. Below is a table comparing the general LMU Core to the Honors Core. Additionally, the PDF files below offer more detail on exactly what your core curriculum will look like as an Honors student.


LMU Core

Honors Core




First Year Seminar

Honors First Year Seminar


Rhetorical Arts

Honors Literary Analysis


Quantitative Reasoning



Theological Inquiry

Honors Theological Inquiry


Philosophical inquiry

Honors Philosophical Inquiry


Studies in American Diversity

General LMU Studies in American Diversity



Introduction to Honors colloquium (1 unit)



Research and Exhibition colloquium (1 unit)




Creative Experience

General LMU Creative Experience*


Historical Analysis and Perspectives

Honors Historical Analysis and Perspectives


Nature of Science, Technology, and Math

Honors Nature of Science, Technology and Math**


Understanding Human Behavior

General LMU Understanding Human Behavior*



Post-Baccalaureate Success colloquium (1 unit)




Faith and Reason

General LMU Faith and Reason


Interdisciplinary Connections



Ethics and Justice

Honors Beyond Good and Evil



Honors Thesis***

* Waived for students in the Seaver College of Science and Engineering

** Fulfilled by the major for students in the Seaver College of Science and Engineering

*** Can be fulfilled by thesis requirements within a major

Note that Honors students do not need to meet the Flag requirements of the general LMU core.

See the following PDF files for more information about Honors Core requirements:

For information about current course offerings, please visit Course Descriptions.