Honors Ambassadorial Grant

The Honors Ambassadorial Grant provides financial support for Honors students who are engaging in scholarly or creative activities in a public venue or forum, such as an academic conference, concert, stage performance, or exhibit (and thus, the Honors student serves as an “ambassador” of the Honors Program). Such activities must be affiliated with a faculty mentor, with a report on these activities to be submitted or presented to the Honors Program upon their conclusion.


  • Items funded include registration, travel, lodging, meals, and other related items if specifically approved
  • Relevant information includes the conference/venue name, dates, location, description of the project to be presented, and estimated cost
  • A report on the activities must be submitted or presented upon their conclusion
  • Deadline: No fixed deadline; grant requests must be submitted with adequate time prior to the conference/venue/event date to allow for grant consideration, travel planning, and other logistics


To apply for the Honors Ambassadorial Grant, you must complete the following form and submit the following items:

  • A description of your completed work, including final title and authorship
  • An itemized and priced list of costs for presenting or publishing this work; in particular, for conferences, please supply full itinerary and logistics, as if you had already registered and made reservations but short of actually paying for them:
    • Conference website, particularly pages showing registration and other fees
    • Travel itinerary, including departure and arrival dates/times, and preferred airline and flight number
    • Hotel costs, including the specific hotel and nightly rate
    • Ground transportation needs, such as expected public transportation, shuttle, or taxi fare
    • Per diem—this is a University-set maximum of $30 per day
  • A letter of endorsement from your faculty advisor, emailed to honors@lmu.edu. This letter should:
    • Signify faculty endorsement for the student work completed under their guidance
    • Describe the significance of the project for the student and how it relates to the faculty member's own work
    • Describe the presentation/publication venue and its role in the student’s and faculty member’s discipline

Upon submission, your proposal will be reviewed and you will be contacted directly about the results of this review.

Applications for all Honors research grants are submitted through the University Honors Program Grants & Fellowships portal of the Hannon Library’s Digital Commons system.