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Dear Incoming Honors Students!
I am Dr. Trevor Zink, Director of the University Honors Program at LMU. I want to congratulate you again on your acceptance to the University and the Honors Program and commend you on your decision to attend. As an LMU alumnus myself, I am excited for what the next four years hold for you! I eagerly await your arrival in the fall and look forward to welcoming you to the special and vibrant community that is Honors! 

Now that you’re all registered and hopefully can take a breather, I’m writing today with three important pieces of information on Honors t-shirts, Brightspace, and Summit.
Please read this email carefully!


When you arrive at LMU for Honors Summit, you will receive an Honors t-shirt. We have a tradition of creating cohort-specific Honors t-shirts designed by members of the incoming class. So, we’re asking for all the creative types out there to help by submitting a design for a new Honors t-shirt. After we collect the designs, we’ll ask you all to vote for your favorite designs to select a finalist. This shirt will be given to all first-year Honors students, staff, some faculty, and as gifts during Honors events. The first step is to get started on some creative and inspiring designs! Here are the guidelines:
  • Designs are due July 6th and should be uploaded here. Please include your name in the filename so we know who to contact if your design is selected! 
  • The design must say “University Honors Program” on the front.
  • It must include the cohort year (2022). 
  • It must include a design for both front and back – the front design should be smaller and centered over the left pocket area (but there won’t actually be a pocket). 
  • It cannot include any of the official LMU logos (this is per LMU policy, and it also affords you more creativity). 
  • It will be printed on a blue-grey shirt (the “Heather Indigo” color on customink.com), so plan your design accordingly.
  • For your reference for design placement and size (but not to restrict your creativity!), the 2020 cohort’s shirt design can be seen here. 
We look forward to seeing your designs! Please reach out if you have any questions. You can expect another email about this in a few weeks asking you to vote for your favorites and to select a cut and size. 


Brightspace is LMU’s learning management system (LMS). You will become very accustomed to using it over the next year, as it will be your go-to for class materials, assignments, discussion fora, and grades. However, in Honors, we also use Brightspace as a way to connect the community outside of class. We use it to post our calendar of events, communicate important announcements, continue conversations after intellectual events and speakers, and to get to know each other. Click here for instructions on how to access Brightspace and find the Honors Community Center. When you arrive at the Community Center, please do two things:
  1. Set up email notifications. This is extremely important! When you log into Brightspace, click on your account avatar at the top right, then click notifications. Make sure you check both boxes for “announcements” and both boxes for “activity feed”.
  2. Then, introduce yourself on the forum by clicking on "discussions" at the top.


Each Fall, Honors welcomes its new members in a three-day intellectual and social convocation event called Honors Summit. Summit is held the week before classes begin—this year it will take place August 22nd - 25th. Below, I have included specific information on what Summit is, what it includes, and how you should prepare. Attendance at Summit is mandatory, so please read the below information carefully and make note of the dates to plan your travel to LA. We know this is a lot of information, so please do not hesitate to contact us at honors@lmu.edu should you have questions. Once again, congratulations, and welcome! 


Summit is a three-day gathering held by the University Honors Program community for our incoming freshman class. It provides our freshmen their first taste of what it means to be an LMU Honors student. Freshmen, along with a number of our returning students, are given the opportunity to get to know each other outside of the classroom and to engage intellectually and socially with each other. It is during Summit that we begin building the community that is such a central part of our program. Past Summit activities have included picnics in the park, meals with each other and LMU faculty members, explorations of Los Angeles in a hallmark Honors activity called “City As Text,” movie nights, panel discussions, and lectures by amazing LMU faculty.   
As part of attending Summit, you get to move into your residence hall early (Monday, August 22nd). By Thursday, when most other freshmen are just starting to move in, you will be acclimated to LMU and already feeling like you have friends among your peers. When classes begin on the following Monday, you already feel at home and ready to hit the ground running. 
Incoming students are expected to attend. If extenuating circumstances prevent your attendance, please contact me as soon as possible. 
Summit Logistics
Programming for Summit begins early on Monday, August 22nd, with a casual pizza party and continues through noon, Thursday, August 25th. Summit ends on Thursday in time for you to participate in LMU’s regular Move-In Day and orientation activities. A more detailed schedule will be emailed to you in mid-August, so please continue to check your Lion email account this summer. 
Plan to arrive on campus on Monday, August 22nd. Move-in is handled by Housing; we will notify you of check-in hours by email (we’ll use your LMU Lion account) when we learn them. In the past, check-in has been open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., but we encourage you to start moving in by 1:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m. at the latest so that you’re ready to get together with the community for an informal early dinner Monday evening (around 4:30 p.m.).   
Bring towels, bedding (pillows, sheets), toiletries, and the belongings you’ll need to make your room your home for the next year. Meals will be provided for you as part of Summit beginning with dinner on Monday, August 22nd, and concluding with breakfast on Thursday, August 25th. If you want to stock your rooms with snacks, there are grocery stores within walking distance. 
The location for Summit activities will range from LMU to neighboring communities and Downtown Los Angeles. Various modes of transportation will be involved including walking, carpools, LMU transit vans, and public transportation. Casual attire is recommended. Please be prepared for moving around in whatever way works best for you—if we can help with accessibility, please let us know. LA weather can vary from morning to evening, especially near the beach, so layers are advised. 

What about parents … can they hang out at Summit?
Summit is a program for Honors students, so your parents won’t be able to join you for the scheduled programming. Plan on being busy with Summit activities from Monday at about 4:00 p.m. until noon on Thursday. While there may be a little time here and there for you to connect with your family members if they’ve traveled to LA with you, they will have to sight-see without you until Summit ends! 

Cost of Summit 
There is no cost to you for Summit. Food and transportation for Summit activities will be covered by the University Honors Program. There will be a few excursions over the two days, so you may want to bring some spending money for incidentals.
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