Being an Honors Student

Approximately 60 students per year are admitted to the Honors Program at LMU. This represents just about 5% of each entering class. Here are some of the many benefits of participating in the Honors Program:

  • Courses in the University Honors Program are smaller than regular University Core courses (about 15 in each class).
  • Faculty in Honors are active in your lives. They mentor you in researching, presenting at national conferences, and publishing your work.
  • Support in pursuing and capturing scholarships, graduate school placements, internships, awards, grants, and study abroad opportunities.
  • The opportunity to live in the Honors Living and Learning Community as a Freshman, which means you will be placed in a residence hall with other Honors students. During your remaining years at LMU, you can opt to live in Honors housing with other students in the program.
  • 24/7 access to our Honors Commons with computers, printing, and comfortable couches as well as the new Honors seminar room that is available for students to use when classes are not in session.
  • Honors students receive priority registration and may enroll in more than 18 units each semester.
  • The chance to work on the Honors interdisciplinary academic journal Attic Salt and publish your work.
  • Graduate level privileges at Hannon Library, which means that Honors students can check out as many books from the library for as long as they want.
  • The opportunity to apply for Honors Research Fellowships ($5000 award) for summer research, allowing you to study and travel anywhere in the world. Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior students are eligible to submit grant proposals for these competitive awards. See this year's Honors Summer Research Fellows.
  • Because of the intellectually invigorating atmosphere of the University Honors Program, you'll build relationships with students, professors, and advisors that most likely are stronger than those you would build without the benefit of the program.
  • Events, socials, dinners with professors, guest speakers, and graduate school information sessions.
  • A chance to join Burcham's Book Club, an Honors book group with LMU's President. 
  • Being an Honors student builds bridges to leadership and service opportunities within LMU and the Los Angeles community.