Honors Living and Learning Community

The Honors Living and Learning Community is a housing option for Honors Freshmen and a great way to be involved with the Honors Program as soon as you enter LMU. You will live with other Freshmen students in the Honors Program, which allows you to get to know your peers. Since you will be taking most of the same classes as the other Honors Freshmen, the Honors LLC is a good support system for you. Along with this, the Honors Director holds office hours in the lounge of your residence hall, which is currently in Doheny. In turn, there are many programs established by your Residence Advisors (RA's) and the Honors Program for you to get involved and to meet new people inside and outside of the program. You do not have to live in the Honors LLC, but it is highly recommended.

After freshmen year, you can opt to continue your Honors housing each year. For example, you do not have to do Honors housing your Sophomore year, but you can opt for it again your Junior year. While Honors housing gives you guaranteed on campus housing, if you do not choose this option, then your name will be entered into the housing lottery along with the rest of the University. Currently, the Sophomore Honors housing is the second floor of Rains, a suite-style residence hall. For Juniors and Seniors, who may live together, it is the Leavey 6 apartments.