Honors Program Requirements

Most Honors courses are named after famous works of literature that changed the world. Each class focuses on a particular discipline such as philosophy, science, or economics, but it is the professor's decision as to how they interpret the class. In other words, each Honors class is special and unique. Nearly all Honors courses are offered every semester for 3 units unless otherwise specified. Below is a list of the Honors Core: 
HNRS 100 Writing Tutorial (1 unit)
HNRS 101 American Persona
HNRS 105 Wealth of Nations
HNRS 115 On the Sublime
HNRS 120 On Human Dignity
HNRS 130 Society and Its Discontents
HNRS 140 Motion and Mechanics
HNRS 215 Imago Dei
HNRS 220 Republic to Prince
HNRS 230 Age of Leviathan
HNRS 240 On the Nature of Things
HNRS 330 Beyond Good and Evil
HNRS 398 Interdisciplinary Seminar
HNRS 497 Honors Thesis
Along with the Honors Core, students are required to enroll in a Critical/Creative Arts course as well as an upper division Theological Studies course offered from the University Core. In addition to those, Honors students must achieve proficiency (the equivalent of three semesters of LMU study) in a second language. International students who speak English as a second language are exempt from this requirement.