Meet the Coaches

Natalie Aguilar

Natalie Aguilar

Natalie Aguilar is the Learning Specialist who oversees the Katz Family Academic Skills Program at LMU. She joined LMU in Fall 2016 to build the program and establish a framework that provides individualized, holistic support to diverse learners. Natalie earned her Master's in Education from the University of Southern California in Education Counseling and holds a second Master's in Human Development in Psychology from UCLA where she is currently earning her Doctor of Philosophy.

Natalie is passionate about student success and seeing people become self-directed life long learners. She holds over 7 years of experience working with individuals who have learning differences and 10 years of working with college students in varying capacities ranging from career services, admissions and leadership, research apprenticeship for undergraduate students and graduate students alike. She is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion for all individuals.

What Students are Saying

"I overall enjoy coming to these sessions because it is a safe space for me to talk about school-related situations and I am pleased to have my coach since I feel that she can relate to me on a personal level and is the best at motivating me."

"My coach was extremely helpful, always willing to listen and offer solutions no matter what the problem, almost always available, and just all-around fantastic."

"I appreciate the help I've received through this program and I believe that it is an important resource for LMU students. Thank you!"

"In coaching, the three skills I learned are: 1) How to read the material in order to take better notes, 2) how to organize projects and schedules so as to reduce stress, and 3) how to improve at test-taking."

"Three strategies or skills I learned in coaching are better prioritization of given material as well as future events/assignments, more dedication to time management and following through with goals, and lastly, I learned how to study in a more efficient manner."

"I liked how helpful and supportive my coach was. I think sitting down with someone to plan out my activities was very helpful."

"I am very thankful for this program, I intend to continue signing up, and hopefully keeping my coach."

"During my time in the Katz Program, I gained useful skills and my coach was very helpful and understanding. I am now able to confidently write out my weekly goals, stick to completing my goals, and ask for clarification on assignments."

"Through coaching, I learned: 1) How to manage my anxiety, 2) how to organize my study time, and 3) how to prepare for upcoming projects."

"My coach was open to hearing about my honest opinion and she supported me emotionally."

"The semester and weekly activity help me see and organize all my tasks. Understanding, talking, and going through anxiety-provoking thoughts is helpful. I learned how to review notes, make a study guide, condense content, main points."

"My coach taught me how to use space in between classes to study or do homework and how planning out study times and times to do big assignments can be very helpful. I also learned that taking time to sleep and do activities that promote self-care as well."