Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get set up with an Academic Coach?

    There are multiple avenues you can use to get an appointment.

    1. You can stop by the office in Daum Hall, and ask the front desk about the Katz Program.
    2. Fill out the form on our website.
    3. Email:, or call (310) 338-7702
  • What are the hours of the Program?

    M-F, 8:30am-5:00pm

  • Do I need to have a documented disability to utilize the Katz Program?

    No.  All students are welcome. To utilize the center, all students will need to have a short assessment by the staff. It will also be determined if the Katz Program services are right for the student or if other academic support services at LMU are more appropriate.

  • Does the Katz Program work with graduate students?

    The Center’s primary focus is undergraduates. We may consider meeting with a graduate student, however, preference is given to undergrads. Graduate students may attend workshops or group coaching at any time.

  • How can an Academic Coach assist me?

    Coaches most often assist with providing organization, motivation, goal-setting, reflection, self-regulation, time management, study skills, outlining and insight into learning strengths. Coaches can assist greatly with providing structure and accountability.

  • How long can I utilize an Academic Coach?

    A student can utilize a Coach throughout their whole time at LMU as needed.  Some students meet with their Coaches once or twice a week while others may need only one or two meetings to get started on the right track.