MiTrio- formally, the Marymount Institute Jazz Trio- came to life in fall, 2009. Here's the story:

For a couple of years prior, Phil Dorin, an LMU professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (of all things), had been the Institute's unofficial house pianist, playing for various functions like the English Honor Society's annual induction ceremony, and receptions for the International Marymount Conference and the Fulbright Association. At the beginning of fall semester, he happened to ask his students a not-very-computational question: "Does anyone in this class play string bass!?"
Indirectly, but happily, the name Sean McEvoy emerged. A multi-talented undergraduate and double-major- neither major happened to be in Music!- Sean was a superb bass player who had, as Dr. Dorin liked to say, "actual jazz chops," and the two began to meet semi-regularly at the Marymount Institute for afternoon jam sessions, consisting mainly of tunes from the Great American Songbook. Later that fall, Dorin invited friend and colleague Michael Berg, a Math professor and fellow jazz devotee, to sit in on guitar, and the Marymount Institute Jazz Trio was born.
MiTrio's official debut was at a November, 2009, reception for Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka, who, along with English Professor Gail Wronsky, graced the audience with readings of poetry. Recent gigs have included receptions for An Evening with Actor Ron Rifkin; the unveiling of artist-in-residence Will Pupa's major sculpture, The Nine Muses; and the release screening of Dr. Soyinka's film, Samarkand.
Sadly, the trio's initial configuration came to an end when Mr. McEvoy "had the bad taste to graduate with honors," choosing, instead, to pursue real life. Presently the group- MiDuo, for the moment- is seeking a replacement for Sean ("We'll even settle for an electric bassist!"), encouraging all interested community members- singers, drummers, horn players et al- to contact them (via for an audition.
(The trio playing at George Clooney's home in Lake Como, Italy)