Current Interns

Eric Robinson - Eric is a Class of '18 double major in Entrepreneurship and Biology. His love of the ocean, cultivated from a young age, drives his interest in biology, while his desire to create, market, and sell his own photography led him to entrepreneurship. These two passions brought Eric to LMU.
Born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas, Eric began traveling the world at a young age. His underwater photography is currently in several fine art studios, and he aspires to be a professional photographer.
As an intern at Tsehai, Eric produces content for social media and archives documents for future use. Previous projects include photographing books, making advertising video, and archiving newsprint images from the 1800s.


Alison Sell - Alison is a class of ‘18 Marketing major from Kansas City, Kansas. She is in the process of changing her major to something more technical, however, and hopes that one of her many passions in life can be fostered in a different field. She loves nature, comedy, adventuring, and discovering new things. These interests, as well as her love for warm weather, brought her to LMU.

Born in KC, she lived in both Boston and San Francisco while growing up. Her family moved back to Kansas years prior to her attending LMU, but living on both coasts led to her adventurous spirit and desire to come to Southern California for school. As an intern as Tsehai, Alison helps coordinate the various social media outlets of the company.