The Marymount Institute Press was founded in 2007 as an imprint of Tsehai Publishers, to embody the mission statement of the Institute. The Press publishes work that has a commitment to artistic diversity, social justice, internationality, and knowledge production. The Press has a particular commitment to issues that concern women. This commitment is rooted in the values and traditions of the Sisters of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary and can be summed up by their motto, taken from the Gospel of St. John: "That All May Have Life."

In February 2007, Loyola Marymount University approached Tsehai Publisher Elias Wondimu about a joint publishing venture. By January 2008, Wondimu had an office at the Marymount Institute. This partnership gave birth to the Marymount Institute Press, a voice for the Institute.

"In a time when the publishing of books is routinely controlled by multinational corporations, the birth of a small press is a rare and significant event," Institute director Theresia de Vroom said of the Press. The Marymount Institute Press intends to make every book it publishes just as significant.

The Press also has a newly founded recording arts publication called "Alma Mater Records."


The Marymount Institute publishes four lines of books: academic books; textbooks with a commitment to issues of social justice; plays written by women or on the subject of women's issues; books on the subject of spirituality in all traditions.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the Press is composed of writers, academics, activists, and journalists from diverse and various fields. All manuscripts are vetted by the editor, publisher, and associate editor as well as three outside readers.

Book Production

Our books are entirely produced by student interns who are supervised by the Publisher and the Editor of the Press, Elias Wondimu and Theresia de Vroom.

Social Media

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