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Recent and Upcoming Releases from Tsehai Publishers

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Temsalet: Phenomenal Ethiopian Women

Temsalet provides inspiring stories and photographic portraits of 64 phenomenal, contemporary Ethiopian women who have broken through age-old barriers.

Each woman tells her own story; where she came from, what challenges she faced, what helped her succeed, what inspires her, and what thoughts she has for girls and young women growing up today.

Edited and compiled by Mary-Jane Wagle, with photography by Aida Muluneh, Temsalet is a project of the Network of Ethiopian Women’s Association (NEWA). The book features a foreword by First Lady Roman Tesfaye and an essay on women in Ethiopian history by Rita Pankhurst. 

Africa's Resurgence: Domestic, Global and Diaspora Transformations

A collection of essays by internationally recognized scholar Paul Tiyambe ZelezaAfrica's Resurgence offers a multifaceted portrait of the changing face of the continent after decades of postcolonial authoritarianism and underdevelopment.

In his essays, Zeleza explores the social and economic transformations of African societies over the past 50 years; the struggles for democratization and human rights, including, most recently, the Arab Spring; the thickening circuits of regional interconnections, and engagements with the diaspora, most poignantly captured by the rise of the Obama phenomenon; and the shifting constructions and representations of Africa in popular and scholarly literature.

Africa's Resurgence is, at it's heart, a reexamination of Africa's legacies, its contemporary mixed fortunes, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as Africa becomes increasingly prominent in the global economy and community.  


 Mandeland: Spoken Word Recording

A double-CD collection of poems about Nelson Mandela, selected and read by Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka.

Mandeland was recorded over two sessions, one in a Los Angeles studio, the other before a live audience at the Marymount Center.

As Soyinka describes: "It is that Nature preserve of his passage, stretching now into the ancestral realm, that I have designated - Mandeland - a vast, accommodating parkland for all seasons. There, all the songs and dances of the world congregate. The poems in this recording - a personal choice - attempt to explore the contours of that estate..."


Elite Characters in Ethiopian Novels 

Can literature be a cause for social and political change? Can fictional portrayals of elites written by novelists shine a light toward a more stable future? In Elite Characters in Ethiopian Novels, Taddele Gebre Hiwot considers the “unquestionable” importance of elites in African culture.  

Three established novelists - Afeworq Gebre Iyesus, Haddis Alemayehu and Bealu Girma - build the framework of a book that boldly separates the historical from the imaginative and lays bare daunting sociological patterns. Gebre Hiwot sheds light on Ethiopia’s tumultuous past and calls attention to the dangers posed to authors as a result of their work.

This book has the power to shock, educate, and leave the reader with a new appreciation for meaning behind written words.