The Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA):

  • Oversees and coordinates the faculty promotion and tenure process.
  • Prepares faculty contracts, organizes faculty sabbaticals, and assists with Chair and Director appointments.

OFA organizes and supports faculty development programs including special events that recognize faculty accomplishment, and activities that build community among faculty.

Faculty Development:

  • Assists new faculty members' successful transition to our University Community by providing a comprehensive introduction to the University and its mission as well as its resources and support services.
  • Assists new faculty with support throughout their first year to enhance their teaching, deepen their understanding of the mission, and help develop successful scholarly or creative works programs.
  • Assists new faculty with information relevant to teaching, the University Community, and University governance to allow pre-tenured faculty to become better acquainted with the culture and the mission of the University.
  • Facilitates the coordination and implementation of faculty mentoring processes and programs, including the Mentoring Assistant Professors (MAP) and Mentoring for Mission (MfM) programs.

OFA administers or coordinates:

  • programs to enliven the intellectual climate and create a scholarly sense of community among faculty
  • professional development for department chairs
  • assessments of faculty needs on the effectiveness of faculty development programs
  • conversations about key issues in higher education that impact faculty and their work, including diversity in academia, review & promotion procedures, and innovative pedagogical or technological developments