Faculty Learning Communities (New Faculty)

The LMU Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) program brings together first-year faculty from diverse disciplines who want to discuss ideas about teaching and educational research within a theme.

Each FLC will be led by a team of facilitators that comprise a tenured or tenure-track faculty member and a staff member who serves as an expert in the given field of the FLC. This will provide the FLC with an internal support system and multiple perspectives of a given topic. The facilitators of the FLC will work with the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence to organize a group.

2019-2020 Faculty Learning Community Themes

  1. Teaching with Technology*
  2. Active Learning*
  3. Global & Local Engagement

*Faculty who complete an FLC in these groups will be given priority to active learning classrooms.

In an effort to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and conversations, FLC's are organized in groups that consist of approximately 10 members from different disciplines, with no more than two from a single department.

FLC Semester Goals


  • Introduce the best practices within the FLC theme
  • Create transparent learning outcomes and activities for Spring/future course syllabus
  • Focus on holistic student development and learning


  • Utilize syllabus developed in Fall 19 for current course
  • Deep dive into FLC content
  • Implementation and practice of given topic
  • Partner with ICF on classroom topic
  • Reflect on effect on teaching practice

Assessment will be embedded in each Faculty Learning Community as groups work with their leaders and the Office of Assessment in creating FLC learning objectives and outcomes and designing assessments to measure effectiveness.


Faculty Learning Communities for colleagues after their first-year are available through the CTE. Please check out the LMU Faculty Learning Communities Program on the CTE site for more information.