Academic Technology Grants

Proposals are now being solicited for 2015 Academic Technology Grants. The purpose of the Academic Technology Grants are to provide faculty members with the freedom to explore innovative ways of using technology for teaching and learning and to share this knowledge with the broader academic community.  For Fiscal Year 2015/16, $30,000 will be allocated for all grants. 

Please follow the grant application procedures below, paying careful attention to key dates. Applications that are incomplete, late, or do not conform to the guidelines and instructions will not be accepted or considered by the committee. The Academic Technology Committee will review the applications and make the final award recommendations to the Provost. 

Award recipients will be required to submit a final report of their grant activities, including an updated course syllabus or conference program (if applicable). Award recipients must be available for a presentation or demonstration to faculty through the Faculty Innovation Center and/or the Center for Teaching Excellence. 

If you have any questions about these procedures, contact the Office of Faculty Affairs (UH Suite 4820) at 310.338.4688 or email to contact the Academic Technology Committee.

PLEASE NOTE: Faculty can only apply to one type of grant: either Integration OR Summer.  Please choose appropriately.  Submissions must be received by March 27, 2015. Click here to see examples of past grant winners.

2015 Academic Technology Integration Grants - From $2000-$5000


Full-year Academic Technology Integration Grants are available to continuing tenured and tenure-track faculty to further the use of instructional technology in their teaching at LMU by integrating substantial technological advancements into their course development. Substantial advancements, for the purposes of this grant, are the development of new courses or major revisions of existing courses that will integrate technology with one of the courses’ primary elements: field work, research, student interaction, or instruction.

Application includes a literature review and a detailed description of the technology and specific learning outcomes to be addressed.

Work will begin in the Summer 2015 and conclude by April 2016, with a presentation to occur in Spring 2016.

To apply for an Integration Grant, please click here.

2015 Academic Technology Summer Grants - $1000


Academic Technology Summer Grants are designed to allow all faculty, including adjuncts, to join other inquisitive faculty in exploring new technologies and teaching techniques that invigorate the way a course is taught.  These grant participants may explore one specific technical tool to enhance their teaching.

Application is simple and straightforward, asking for what you want to explore and "tinker" with and how you will know you have succeeded. 

Work will be done throughout the Summer 2015, with a presentation in the Fall 2015 semester.  

To apply for a Summer Grant, please click here.