Mentoring for Mission (MfM)

Mentoring for Mission is a faculty-designed program of several mentoring services and resources that mirror the university mission statement. The Mentor Network consists of faculty volunteers willing to listen and share expertise on particular topics that range across teaching, research, service and work-life balance. The Model for Mentors provides resources that can be used to facilitate goal-setting and communication between mentors and mentees.

We believe mentoring is a powerful tool that can contribute to the health of our community and is an extension of The “Presupposition” of St. Ignatius of Loyola:

That both the guides and those being guided may be of greater help to one another, it should be presupposed that every good person ought to be more eager to put a good interpretation on a colleague's statement than to condemn it. Further, if one cannot interpret it favorably, one should ask how the other means it. If that meaning is wrong, one should correct the other with love; and if this is not enough, one should search out every appropriate means through which, by understanding the statement in a good way, it may be saved.

Mentoring for Mission is currently coordinated through the Office of Faculty Affairs.