Model for Mentors

Sponsored by the President's Committee on Mission and Identity and a grant from the Lilly Fellows Foundation, the Model for Mentors program was developed to help guide untenured faculty through the promotion process.

While the program was originally designed to facilitate communication and goal setting between junior faculty members and their assigned senior faculty mentors, it can be very useful for anyone desiring to set professional goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals.

This webpage has links to documents used in the program. You probably will find it easier if you print the sheets (they are provided in two formats) and work with the hard copies. You may need to adapt them to fit the particulars of your department/college/situation. If you would like to work with an LMU faculty member trained in the use of the materials, contact the Office of Faculty Development at

Roles and Goals. Word format. PDF.
Questionnaire. Word format. PDF.
Goal Setting Worksheet. Word format. PDF.