Rains Research Assistant Program

‌The Rains Research Assistant Funds Program is intended to support faculty research by providing financial support for faculty to hire a student research assistant.  In addition, the program allows students to develop research experiences and close collaborations with their faculty and other members of their research group.  These undergraduate research experiences are one of the high impact practices that have been shown to increase retention and long-term career success for students.  This program is available to all full-time tenured & tenure-track faculty. Faculty members on a leave of absence are not eligible. 

Please read the Faculty Guidelines for Rains Research Assistants 2019-2020  before applying to the program.


Please note, the Rains Research Assistant Program has a rolling deadline. Applications are reviewed by cohort according to the following dates:



  • Rains applications submitted by 5/6/19 will be reviewed by 5/15/19
  • Rains applications submitted by 5/31/19 will be reviewed by 6/15/19
  • Rains applications submitted by 9/15/19 will be reviewed by 9/30/19
  • Note: if there are remaining funds, applications submitted after 9/15 will be reviewed by 11/15/19.


  • Rains applications submitted by 2/14/20 will be reviewed by 2/28/20
  • Rains applications submitted by 5/1/20 will be reviewed by 5/15/20
  • Rains applications submitted by 5/31/20 will be reviewed by 6/15/20
  • Rains applications submitted by 9/14/20 will be reviewed by 9/30/20
  • Note: if there are remaining funds, applications submitted after 9/14 will be reviewed by 11/16/20.