Program Assessment Reports

Program Assessment Reports

Loyola Marymount University places a high value on inquiry processes that focus on understanding and improving student learning. The Office of Assessment captures information about academic program engagement in these processes with the Educational Effectiveness Inventory (EEI), a survey administered annually to all degree-granting programs at LMU.

The EEI was developed for the purposes of tracking progress on educational effectiveness over time, identifying programs within the University that can provide examples of best practices, and identifying programs that may need additional assistance. The design of the EEI is such that it provides a basic overview of the essential steps in the assessment cycle.

Please note: The data provided in the following reports are provided for the purposes of internal understanding and improvement. Findings should not be communicated to an external audience (e.g., via websites, bulletins or other publicity materials) without the expressed authorization of the Office of Assessment.

Year Key Findings from the EEI Survey Instrument
2022 2022 EEI Report 2022 Survey
2021 2021 EEI Report 2021 Survey
2020 2020 EEI Report 2020 Survey
2019 2019 EEI Report 2019 Survey
2018 2018 EEI Report 2018 Survey
2017 2017 EEI Report 2017 Survey
2016 2016 EEI Report 2016 Survey
2015 2015 EEI Report 2015 Survey
2014 2014 EEI Report 2014 Survey
2013 2013 EEI Report 2013 Survey
2012 2012 EEI Report 2012 Survey
2011 2011 EEI Report 2011 Survey
2010 2010 EEI Report 2010 Survey

The Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators (IEEI) is an inventory of learning assessment practices developed by the WASC Senior College and University Commission. The IEEI summarizes LMU's current assessment practices at the program and institution levels.

LMU's current IEEI can be found at the following link: 2018 IEEI

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