Books on Assessment

The following books provide more in-depth discussions of general assessment practices and tools, as well as equity in assessment.

Equity in assessment

Student-Focused Learning and Assessment: Involving Students in the Learning Process in Higher Education, by Natasha A. Jankowski, Gianina R. Baker, Erick Montenegro and Karie Brown-Tess (eds.)

This collection of essays focuses on ways to involve students in assessment and give them opportunities to shape their own learning.

Degrees that Matter: Moving Higher Education to a Learning Systems Paradigm, by Natasha A. Jankowski and David W. Marshall

Degrees that Matter outlines an approach to teaching and curriculum design that focuses on gathering evidence of learning throughout students' educational experience, then using that evidence to tailor teaching and curriculum towards students' needs at any given point in their college careers.

Assessment techniques

Meaningful and Manageable Program Assessment: A How-To Guide for Higher Education Faculty, by Laura J. Massa and Margaret Kasimatis

This book provides a straightforward overview of assessment concepts and principles, as well as practical instructions for multiple assessment tools and key steps in the assessment process. In addition, the text guides readers toward the development of a culture of assessment in their program.

Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Approach to Designing Courses, by L. Dee Fink

This book is a guide to designing courses using a backward design approach, which begins with desired learning outcomes and works "backward" to create experiences and assignments that guide students toward those outcomes. Many course-level principles of backward design apply at the program level as well.

Learning Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty, by Elizabeth F. Barkley and Claire H. Major

This resource provides an easy-to-use toolkit for creating assessments that promote student learning.

Presenting data

Presenting Data Effectively, by Stephanie D. H. Evergreen

A major aspect of assessment work is presenting data in a way that prompts useful discussions of what students have learned, which in turn guide decisions about changes to courses, curriculum, and teaching. This books provides a range of useful tools for presenting data, including many that apply to assessment data.