Program Requirements

IURP Program Requirements

Title and Compensation

Students who are accepted into IURP will hold the title of LMU Undergraduate Research Fellow. Research projects may be done on a volunteer basis or for academic credit. If you are not doing the research for academic credit, you can be paid for your research effort. If so, the work may be funded entirely by the mentor, or arranged as a work-study position.

If you are a RAINS Research Assistant or have already been awarded a research grant for your project, you are ineligible to receive funding or academic credit through IURP. However, you can apply to be included on a voluntary basis.

Public Presentation

It is expected that students participating in IURP will present the findings of their research project or creative activity at the , held each Spring. Students are encouraged to also present at any appropriate discipline-based conference or exhibit, or to share their work via publication.

Interim Assessment, Final Evaluation and Abstract

All students participating in IURP will be required to submit evaluations of their work. Students working on a year-long project must submit a report summarizing work to date no later than one week prior to the conclusion of the Fall semester. In the Spring semester, a final evaluation of the student's research will be submitted by both the student and faculty mentor.

All students must submit an abstract, about his/her research, to be considered for the LMU Undergraduate Research Symposium. The accepted abstracts will be posted to the Office of Undergraduate Research website.

All final submissions must be approved by the faculty mentor.