Rains Additional Assistance Fund

Please read the information below before submitting your application:

The Rains Additional Assistance Fund (Work-Study) Application

What is the Rains Additional Assistance Fund?

The Rains Research Assistant Program has a limited amount of federal work-study funding to provide Rains faculty. This Fund is designed to support faculty research and student participation in research by providing federal work-study positions to students working on faculty Rains research projects.

In order to be eligible for the Rains Additional Assistance Fund, faculty must:

  • Have a current RA, or an RA they would like to hire, with available work-study funds;
  • Be working on an approved Rains project
  • Be able to supervise their RA's hours and biweekly MyTime submission.

Please have the following information available:

  • Applicant Information;
  • Title of project;
  • Very brief description of student responsibilities;
  • Total funding amount requested (up to $2,000). This is in addition to current approved funding;
  • Total students (one or two) requested;
  • Student Information (Name, Email, Student ID, Funding amount requested for student).
  • Please note: It is essential that faculty have confirmed with students that they have available federal work-study funding before applying. Applications will not be accepted for students who do not have work-study currently available and funds cannot be reserved to hire a work-study student in the future.
  • For faculty interested in hiring graduate students with work-study: please contact SES for additional information regarding graduate student federal work-study. Eligible students will need to request work-study from Financial Aid and have request granted before the Rains Additional Assistance application is submitted.