Related Offices

The Office for Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) works collaboratively with several LMU offices to create a seamless level of assistance as externally-funded projects transition through various stages, from program design, identifying funding opportunities, application development, budgeting and budget revisions, subaward and contract negotiations, application submission, award, project management and implementation, reporting and closeout.

The ORSP is the University's pre-award office, responsible for coordinating and managing relationships with and submissions to government agencies, nonprofit associations, foundations and corporations that offer grants and contracts to support sponsored projects. The ORSP is also responsible for creating and reviewing contractual documents between the University and partnering institutions/organizations, including but not limited to memoranda of understanding, agreements, amendments and other documents. We ensure the contractual language is in compliance with LMU policies, funding agency/organization guidelines, federal, state and local laws, and is in the best interest of the sponsored project.

The LMU offices listed below provide additional services to faculty and staff who pursue and receive external funding.

LMU Post Award Administration and Accounting (PAAA) Office: Guides and supports faculty and staff who are responsible for overseeing and managing the programmatic implementation and financial reporting for a grant awarded for a sponsored project. Award documentation (including cover letters, agreements, checks, or any other correspondence with directions from the awarding agency/donor) is reviewed upon receipt by ORSP staff, who then guide the transition of the sponsored project from a pre-award to the post-award stage. The PAAA or Post-Award office guides faculty and staff through the administration of their award, including the following:

  • Compliance: Being aware of the terms of a grant award, and fulfilling the terms in a timely and efficient manner. Faculty and staff grantees must comply with both the funder's expectations, based on the components of the submitted application, and with LMU policies and procedures. The PAAA staff work collaboratively with the ORSP staff on several grant-related functions, including issuing agreements and amendments to subrecipients, and seeking approval from the awarding agency for revisions to approved budgets and/or scope of works.
  • Reporting: All sponsored projects require progress or annual reports on progress towards the approved project outcomes, at least annually. Reporting includes a financial breakdown, which details how money was spent, as well as a narrative that describes the activities and when and how benchmarks were attained. The PAAA can also helps faculty and staff monitor and complete financial reporting to the awarding agency, including effort reporting. Both the PAAA and ORSP should receive final copies of any reports filed.

LMU Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR): The ORSP shares responsibilities for external fundraising with Corporate and Foundation Relations, which serves as the primary liaison to corporations and foundations whose interests and gift-giving priorities are aligned with LMU's academic programs, activities and initiatives. Central university initiatives, generally including endowment development, capital projects, operating gifts and fundraising for scholarships, are handled by CFR. When a faculty or staff member distributes an LMU Intent to Apply form, the ORSP and CFR staff jointly determine how to apply LMU policies and support to best meet the needs of the applicant and project.