Internal Forms

ORSP Internal Forms

  • LMU Intent to Apply
    Faculty and Staff who intend to submit materials to any funding agency should complete an LMU Intent to Apply (ITA) at least three weeks prior to the intended date of submission for full applications, letters of inquiry or other documentation. 

The following forms are posted for reference purposes only. Please contact ORSP for more information.

  • Routing Form
    The ORSP will complete the Routing Form and distribute it in a folder (including the narrative, final budget and agency guidelines) so that the applicant can review and obtain the necessary approvals from the chair, director, associate dean, dean, vice president, provost, etc. Be sure the application preparation timeline allows at least three to five business days for signators to review the final application materials.
  • Institutional Commitment Agreement
    Institutional commitment occurs when the University pledges to provide resources toward the completion of an externally funded project. For more information, please refer to the Cost Share policy
  • Collaborative Signature Form
    All Key Personnel at LMU who collaborate on a grant project (including their direct supervisors) are required to sign the Collaborator Signature Form. The form is included in the routing package, which is circulated for internal review/approval.