OUR Mission Statement



The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Experience (OUR) believes that research and creative work is integral to the development of the student, both as a budding scholar and as an individual, and that engaging in undergraduate research is a transformational experience that is highly beneficial to students, faculty and the greater university community. We focus on the use of research and creative experience as an opportunity for high-impact, active learning that provides both disciplinary as well as life tools, allowing students one-on-one experience with faculty mentors in their disciplines as well as real-life experience with critical thinking, intellectual independence, problem solving and creative solutions. OUR supports the Council for Undergraduate definition of undergraduate research and creative experience, which broadly defines both as, “an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student [or group of students] that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the disciplines.” OUR is committed to inclusive excellence, and strives to increase engagement from LMU’s entire student body, including first generation college students and students from underrepresented groups. The goal of OUR is to provide opportunities for all LMU students to raise the quality and profile of their work as well as to disseminate their research and creative results within and beyond LMU.


OSRCA supports students involved in faculty-mentored research and creative works by:

+ Providing programs throughout the academic year and summer for students to participate in faculty-mentored research and creative projects while receiving educational and financial support;
+ Facilitating research learning communities throughout the academic year to introduce undergraduates from all disciplines to research fundamentals;
+ Hosting academic workshops and presentations to strengthen research skills as well as prepare students for post-baccalaureate success;
+ Providing administrative support
and resources for student research and
creative works at LMU and beyond;
+ Providing a professional opportunity for undergraduates to present their research findings and creative works to a larger audience through the Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium;
+ Creating a community of student researchers and creative artists and scholars through academic and social events for students involved in OSRCA programs.