SURP Coordinator Position

SURP Coordinator Position

The 2018 SURP Coordinator Application will be posted in Spring 2018

Every summer, the Office of Undergraduate Research looks to hire two Summer Undergraduate Research Program coordinators.

2017 SURP Coordinator will be required to:

1) Initiate and maintain communication amongst all SURP student participants.

2) Help to plan, organize, execute, and direct both educational and social SURP events.

3) Operate social media outlets on behalf of SURP with daily updates and event announcements.

4) Attend weekly meetings with the Office of Undergraduate Research providing future plans and feedback about the program, students, and mentors.

5) Create a positive and respectful relationship with fellow Coordinators, adhering to teamwork, open communication, and professionalism.

6) Maintain compliance with institutional IACUC, IRB, and environmental health and safety policies, if applicable.

7) Create, coordinate, and facilitate activities with ISURP (International SURP) students

SURP coordinators will be expected to live on campus and attend all educational and social SURP events. Applicants with strong communication skills and the ability commit appropriate time to the program over the summer will be strongly considered. Current students, Graduating seniors, and alumni are welcome to apply.

For work as SURP Student Coordinator, you will receive a stipend of $1500 and a six-week stay in campus housing.