Past Inductees

On April 4, 2019, LMU’s Phi Beta Kappa faculty hosted its installment and first induction ceremony. This event established the Omega of California chapter at LMU and inducted eight foundation and nine student members of Phi Beta Kappa.

2019 Foundation Members

Fr. Gregory Boyle

Robbin Crabtree

Michael Engh

Mary Beth Ingham

Thomas Poon

David Sapp

Timothy Law Snyder

Elizabeth Wimberly Young

Foundation members are only elected upon the installment of a chapter to recognize administrators, faculty, and staff, not already members of Phi Beta Kappa, who were particularly supportive and contributed to the process of obtaining a chapter for the institution.  Furthermore, prominent alumni who have made notable contributions to the liberal arts may also be considered for Foundation membership.

2019 Student Inductees

Cameron Bellamoroso

Erick Carranza

Blake Colton

Eunice Guadalupe Gonzalez

Hayley Hart

Alfredo Hernandez

Phaedra Johnson

Riley Nickel

Calvin Wong