Courses Add or Drop

During the first week of each term, a student may:

  • Register for the first time
  • Add a course, drop a course without a W, or both, through PROWL prior to the deadline of 11:59 pm on the last day of the first week. In reference to a course(s), withdraw and drop are used interchangeably prior to the drop deadline.
  • Take a Leave of Absence from the University - first-time students should contact the Undergraduate or Graduate Admission offices (please do not use this form).
  • Withdraw from the University - first-time students should contact the Admission office (please do not use this form).

From the second week through the drop/add deadline in each term, a student may:

  • A student may withdraw from a course(s)/all courses from his/her schedule with a resulting grade of W in each course through the deadline to withdraw (below) and as printed in the Calendars.
  • A student may not withdraw from a course(s) after the deadline.
  • Full-time undergraduate students pay flat-rate tuition which does not enable a refund by course. For part-time undergraduate and graduate students, LMU offers a sliding tuition refund schedule identified in the term. An undergraduate student with full-time status at the close of registration week is not eligible for the sliding tuition refund.
  • If a student stops attending a course after the last day to withdraw in the semester, s/he will receive a grade a grade of F or the assigned grade from the instructor.

For semester dates, consult the Registration Calendar.

General questions concerning registration or drop/add procedures should be addressed to