Policies and Procedures

Students are held individually responsible for information contained in these pages. Failure to read and understand these regulations will not excuse a student from their observance.

All regulations and rules or procedures contained in this official University Bulletin apply to undergraduate and graduate programs. Questions in individual cases should be presented through written petition to the appropriate dean.

A student is held responsible for academic regulations in effect at the time of entrance, provided the student maintains continuous enrollment. Similarly, a student who changes programs or majors after being admitted to the University is held responsible for the academic regulations in effect at the time the program or major is changed. A student who interrupts academic enrollment is subject to the academic regulations in effect in the University Bulletin at the time enrollment is resumed.

For non-academic matters, all students are governed by the Loyola Marymount University Student Conduct Code found in the Community Standards booklet. The booklet can be found on MYLMU (http://my.lmu.edu).

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