Student Reporting

This is your degree audit moving forward and the University wants to ensure that it accurately reflects the status of your degree program. From this point on, adjustments to your degree audit will take place in DegreeWorks only. Although CAPP will be available to you, CAPP will not show any adjustments after October 1, 2017; therefore, it is not an accurate display of your current degree audit status.

DegreeWorks may slot courses differently than CAPP, but you want to make sure that it does not disadvantage you in another area. The University has made every effort to ensure that the adjustments in CAPP are mirrored exactly in DW. However, if you find that your DW audit does not mirror CAPP, please tell us what the exact differences are. The differences you address may help others as well.

Please note: The use of this form is to report discrepancies only. If you believe that an adjustment was/should have been made already, please use this form to report it to the Office of the Registrar. If you wish to have an adjustment made in DW, please see your academic advisor and/or Associate Dean's Office to process a new adjustment.