Late Medical Leave of Absence

Application for exception to University policy: Late Medical Leave of Absence (or Late Medical Withdrawal)
Time Period for Eligibility: After the last day to withdraw in the semester, but before the final day of classes
Steps to complete the form below.

  1. An Exception to University Policy petition with the detailed reasons for the emergency leave and accompanying documentation from a licensed profesisonal must be attached to the form below. The documentation from the licensed professional must certify that the student is unable to complete the current semester for medical or psychological reasons and requires an immediate withdrawal from ALL classes. 
  2. Approximately 1-2 business days following the completion of Step 1, the student should contact the Student Affairs Dean’s Office for a Late Medical Leave of Absence appointment with a Case Manager of the Community of Care (COC) program. Appointments are scheduled to assist in completing documentation (Release of Information Form) and answering questions you may have during an LMLOA. In addition, the student and COC Case Manager will create an individualized action plan including the recommending health care provider’s treatment requirements and review reinstatement process. The COC Office: Malone Student Center 301 - (310) 338-3756 - Community of Care Website -
  3. In consultation with the director of Student Psychological Services, Student Health Services and your Community of Care Case Manager; a recommendation will be made to the Dean of Students on the ongoing treatment and support during the Late Medical Leave of Absence. The Dean of Students will notify the Office of Registrar of the petition for the Late Medical Leave of Absence. The Office of Registrar makes the final determination on all Late Medical Leave of Absence petitions.
  4. The approval for LMLOA will include some treatment expectations during the LOA which will be individually tailored to meet each student’s situation. The Dean of Students may notify parents and appropriate university departments of the student’s change in status. The Dean of Students will mail you the Outgoing LOA letter confirming your LMLOA determination. The student must sign and return Outgoing LMLOA letter back to the Dean of Student.
    • Class Registration During LMLOA
      • While on LMLOA, a student may not register for classes at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) until the student has been reinstated by the Student Affair Dean’s Office and the SADO hold has been removed. Students on LMLOA are strongly encouraged to consult their academic dean’s office and advisor in advance and have an academic plan in place, to allow registration to occur once the hold is removed.
    • Departure from Student Housing during LMLOA
      • A student will be required to vacate student housing within 48 hours of the approval of the leave, which includes removal of all belongings. Upon taking a leave of absence you will need to cancel your current housing assignment and any future housing assignment.
      • The student must complete a License Agreement Release Request Form located under the Forms Section on their Student Housing Online Services Portal. The student must also officially check out of the residence hall by meeting with housing staff and encoding their OneCard. Failure to properly check out may result in additional charges.
      • Student Housing Office: Office: Leavey Six 101 - (310) 338-2963 - (310) 338-2390(f) -