Enrollment and Degree Verification

Students may access and print an official LMU enrollment or degree verification immediately through PROWL (see example).

Directions for accessing services through the Clearinghouse as well as other student-based forms are available in each of the headers below.

  • Example Verification

    The image shows an official LMU enrollment verification. The advantage of this form is the immediate download as a PDF for you to forward on or print.

    • If you are forwarding this certificate to a 3rd party, the highlighted box at the upper-right of the page is to allow for the entry of a policy holder and policy number.
    • The highlighted column headers are: Term Start & Term End Date; Enrollment Status; Status Effective Date (first reported enrollment date); and the Date of Certification by LMU.
    • Information for each term with enrollments are shown in the columns.

  • Students with PROWL Accounts

    Online Enrollment Verifications: PROWL (Student Services > Student Records > Enrollment Verification)

    Through its web-based Student Clearinghouse Self-Service program, the Clearinghouse enables LMU students to print official LMU Enrollment Verifications (including degree verifications) free of charge to send to health insurers, housing, insurance providers, financial institutions, etc. The verifications are available immediately to print.

    Other verifications:

    DMV Local Address

    Enrollment (use this form to request information not yet on the verification from the Clearinghouse)

    Enrollment - Pre-term (registered in a term which has not yet begun)

    Expected or Pending Degree Date

    International Student Enrollment

    Internship Credit

    Other Requests

  • Students with no PROWL access (courses completed prior to Fall 1998)

    Pre-PROWL students may use this request process through the Student Clearinghouse.

    The following are partial screenprints of the initial pages needed to order a verification.

    Entry Page:


    Second Page: Services Offered


    Page 3: Requesting Verification



  • Third Party Requestors

    LMU has authorized the Student Clearinghouse (SCH) to act as its agent for verification of degrees and enrollment status. Please visit the SCH at for verification service 24/7/365.

    The results of the inquiries delivered by the SCH are based on official LMU University student records. The Office of the Registrar does not verify information for third-party requestors.

    Student Clearinghouse Contact Information
    13454 Sunrise Valley Dr Ste 300
    Herndon, VA 20171
    phone: (703) 742-4200
    fax: (703) 742-4239